Surrey Walking Club 10 miles Championship, 17th Jan 04
The Surrey Walking Club 10 miles Championship is the first 10 of the season and marks a definite shift up from the earlier 10 km and 7 mile events. On a cold but bright afternoon when a time longer than one and a half hours is common this race is not to be taken lightly but the fairly small field, with visitors from Suffolk and Steyning, all held to their task firmly to the end. Mark Easton, who also deservedly won the handicap, was having none of the cautious pace and showed the effects of a good winter's training with 75 minutes and almost two laps up on the rest of the contestants. First in the warm showers of Monks Hill Sports Centre with no difficulty! As was to expected the racers having a good performance were encouraged to push on while those not doing so well felt the grind of almost 12 hard laps so the field was more stretched out than usual but all returned to the aforesaid showers content in having fought both the longer distance and the cold wind bravely. The youngsters were not forgotten and the Race Secretary was rewarded with a good number in the 5km event which he did not fail to provide within a well organised timetable.

1. M.Easton 72m 56s; 6. P.King 94m 52s; 7. C.Flint 96m 53s; 8. P.Hannell 98m 15s; 12. N.Simmons 103m 46s: 13. J.Fitzgerald 133m 27s.

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