Surrey Walking Club 10 Mile Championship 14th Jan 06
The Club's 10 mile championship in the middle of January is no picnic; however a turnout in double figures showed the determination of race-walking competitors to be not easily put off. Even Jack Fitzgerald at 83 completed the first 8 miles until time constraints forced retirement …until the next race of course. The reigning champion, Mark Easton, came to support the event although back problems limited his participation to 5km after demonstrating his speed and leaving the others behind. The serious competitors set about their task in good heart with relatively mild conditions and first Surrey man, Paul King, once again continuing his recent good form. However it was Pam Ficken, winner of the ladies’ championship, but towards the rear of the field, whose performance had the handicapper foxed to easily win the handicap event. Meanwhile the main pack chased Paul without success even though Shaun Lightman briefly overhauled him only to have to let him go again – a different story from last week. Chris Flint also went by Shaun in a great effort to 2nd handicap. Altogether a potentially difficult race turned out to be a very competitive event.

Results (Championship / Handicap in brackets):
2.(-/7) P.King 96 min 36 sec; 3.(-/2) C.Flint 98 min 09 sec; 4.(1st first claim champion/3) S.Lightman 98 min 46 sec 16; 6.(2/8) I.Statter 100 min 24 sec; 7.(3/4) N.Simmons 108 min 50 sec; 8.(4/5) P.Crane 110 min 12 sec; 9.(5/6) D.Hoben 114 min 06 sec;10.(1st lady/1 st h’cp) Pam Ficken 122 min 50 sec; also J.Fitzgerald 119 min 59 sec (retired. after 8 miles).

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