Enfield League & British Masters Championship 10km 16th Sep 06
The August race in the monthly Enfield series was upgraded to 10km and was adopted as the National Masters Championship which led to visitors from the Midlands and north and a total field of about 45. The race was also much more competitive with National medals at stake for the various age groups. Six Surrey Walking Club turned out giving a full team and taking away four medals. Mike Harran, who also runs for Herne Hill Harriers, is a comparative novice to Race Walking but was able to maintain a good and steady pace to claim 3rd M65 – a very competitive group with the group winner a prominent ex-international. Nolan Simmons reappeared after a month’s break to find reasonable pace and leave Peter Crane almost 2 minutes behind. Although towards the back of the walkers Pam Ficken completed the distance in a good enough time to win our only gold medal. Altogether a satisfying afternoon’s work in pleasant but not over-hot sunshine.

13 (2nd M60). P.Hannell 60 min 39 sec; 18(3rd M65). M.Harran 62 min 43 sec; 25(3rd M60). N.Simmons 65 min 32 sec; 29. P.Crane 67 min 22 sec; 37. D.Hoben 69 min 40 sec; 43(1st W65). Pam Ficken 76 min 32 sec.

Team: 4. Surrey Walking Club.

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