Veterans Athletic Club Championships 18th Jun 06
VAC hold five 5 mile races (Run + Race Walk) in Battersea Park on Summer Tuesday evenings but the June meeting is the best attended being the annual Championship event. This year the weather was not the usual warm sunny evening we all enjoy but cooler and almost raining so there was no excuse for other than pushing hard all the way for the medals. Shaun Lightman, despite slower times recently, was able to put in the required effort to chase the younger King all the way, having caught him early on, and claim the Clubís only Gold in a race dominated by Surrey Walking Club members. His M60 victory was accompanied, but not matched by silver for Richard Brown (M55) and Chris Flint (M60) although Flintís performance was particularly strong getting well away from those of his pursuers who might normally expect to beat him. 82 year old Jack Fitzgerald decided that 2 of the three laps would be long enough to keep the timekeepers working and retired but his time for 3.25 miles was still a great achievement for his years.

4.(2nd M55) R.Brown 45 min 55 sec; 5(3rd M55) P.King 47 min 19 sec; 6.(1st M60) S.Lightman 48 min 4 sec; 7.(2nd M60) C.Flint 49 min 3 sec; 8.(3rd M60) P.Hannell 49 min 48 sec; 11. N.Simmons 52 min 38 sec; 12. D.Hoben 58 min 22 sec; J.Fitzgerald Retired 3.25 miles.

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