Gdansk International 5km 1st Sep 06
Surrey Walking Club had a successful trip to Gdansk, Poland with four members competing in international a 5 km race organised by Klub Konradia, the Polish Post Office Sports Club. Club member Lyn Atterbury, who now lives in Poland, organised the trip to his new country which has a very strong Race Walking tradition and current interest. The field was supplemented by several who had stayed over from the European Master Championships also held on Poland. The day dawned wet & dull. Shaun Lightman started quickly followed by Lyn Atterbury with David Hoben & Sarah Lightman further back in the field. After 2 laps Lyn closed on and pulled away from Shaun to finish 11th in 27:48, Shaun finished 13th in 28:18. Further down the field Sarah just caught David to finish one second ahead in 34:03. She was 4th lady in a new personal best time. David finished 17th in 34:04.
The race, which included entries from Denmark & three Baltic states was well organised by the Polish Post Office Sports Club who treated us with hospitality & courtesy. This is the second year of our participation and it is hoped to go over in greater strength.

Men: 11. L.Atterbury 27 min 48 sec; 13. S.Lightman 28 min 18 sec; 17. D.Hoben 34 min 4 sec.
Women: 4. Sarah Lightman 34 min 3 sec.

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