National 20km Championship 22nd Apr 06
As the busy season begins, Surrey Walking Club sent a full team to the wonderful Don Valley Stadium in Sheffield where the National Championships for Seniors at 20km and shorter distance Championships for the Younger Age Groups. Once again these events were only one part of the Sheffield festival of Athletics so there was plenty for the spectators to see. Surrey’s team was in national 5th place not so much reflecting its quality of the team but the difficulty other clubs had in getting their members to travel. Though many of our own faster members were missing, some doing the London Marathon the next day for charity, those present recorded times up to recent levels and rather better for two of them. The weather was ideal for racing with mixed cloud and sun and just enough wind to keep the temperature down to a reasonable level. They all set off at a sensible pace and avoided a disastrous slowing and Nolan Simmons was able as usual to maintain and even slightly increase his speed towards the end. The field was very good at the front with two of the English Commonwealth Games team in the lead and frequently lapping our men over the 1km circuits. Behind them relatively local team Leicester were very strong but we were able to enjoy our view while not being discouraged ourselves.

22. P.Hannell 2 hr 7 min 21 sec; 28. N.Simmons 2 hr 11 min 21 sec; 31. D.Hoben 2 hr 20 min 32 sec.
Teams: 5.Surrey Walking Club

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