Belgrave Harriers Open 7 Mile Race 25th Nov 06
This race has long been the first big open event of the winter season and, although numbers are lower and visitors from the North and Midlands rarer now, the numbers were better than recently. Traffic around Wimbledon has made it impossible to use the original circuit of the Common, or even the subsequent course using the larger side roads, and the race is now held on the steep roads to the north-east of the village. This provides a formidable test and also makes it more difficult to maintain the essential contact and style rules of race walking. Despite these challenges Surrey’s first man home, and recent convert to Walking, Mike Harran, managed to cut almost two minutes off his time for the Club’s own Championship which was held three weeks ago over our much flatter course. He exchanged places several times with Peter Hannell as he found the 1 in 4 hill more difficult but managed to end up a comfortable half a minute clear at the finish. Shaun Lightman again started conservatively but came through to reduce his Seldon time by 3 minutes and was much further up the field. Another athlete to cut their time in spite of the harder course was Pam Ficken, towards the back of the field but in strong competition with another female competitor and ending with a respectable time inside 5 miles an hour on this very hard circuit. Unusually the team event was scored on a mixed basis and good contribution from ladies from Hillingdon and Belgrave moved Surrey justifiably down from 2nd to 4th. Despite this, the team was generally very pleased with having completed a hard race with a good performance. 

11. P.King 66 min 48 sec; 12. M.Harran 67 min 12 sec; 13. P.Hannell 67 min 40 sec; 16. S.Lightman 68 min 25 sec; 22. N.Simmons 71 min 25 sec; 27. D.Hoben 77 min 19 sec; 30. Pam Ficken 83 min 55 sec.

Team: 4th

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