Surrey County & Veterans AC 10km Track Championship 26th Apr 06
This is one of the most pleasant fixtures with Battersea Park in spring bloom and all of the competitors local and well known to each other. The numbers were a little down with he Marathon the weekend before and an international 200km(!) race next weekend but close to 20 starters in spite. It was a pleasant evening but not too hot and the combination led to improved times for many of the competitors in this VAC hosted match which includes Surrey and Middlesex championships. Chris Flint worked hard in chasing Hannell and getting within a minute of the magic hour for 10km – this despite 24 hours of walking this Saturday in France in company of several other Surrey Walking Club members. Last Saturday’s efforts in the National 20 last weekend left Nolan Simmons just a little outside of his target despite a great effort towards the end as he sought to avoid being lapped by Hannel who used Nolan as target for a last effort to get a good time.

Results (Surrey County/VAC M60 in brackets):
6(2/1). P.Hannell 59 min 21 sec; 7(3/2). C.Flint 60 min 51 sec; 12(4/3). N.Simmons 64 min 34 sec.

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