Surrey Walking Club Open 10miles and Club Championship, Monks Hill 13th Jan 07
With over 30 competitors this race, including Junior races over shorter distances, had the best turnout for around 20 years. This, in spite of the fact that the field potentially faced the worst wintry conditions of heavy rain, very strong and cold winds. In fact by the time of the race none of these applied the rain became the occasional light shower, the winds died and the temperature rose to a high enough level to leave only the rear of the field affected. The 10 mile distance is rare these days hence the popularity and represents a step up from the usual 10km/7 miles held so far this season and a challenge to be met with caution early on by most of the field in fact by almost all of those in the first 6 positions who all passed those in the first three places at half way. The exception to this being the winner, who made his mark from the off and held a much faster pace throughout. Ian Statter won the Club Championship after a strong effort in the third quarter to catch the winner of the handicap, Peter Hannell. The regular Surrey team were all out for the first time for some months and were not disappointed with their performances. This year the Ladies Cup changed hands again with Kathy Crilley coming out the winner after a two hour race with the two within always sight of each other and less than two minutes apart at the end. The young age groups races were also very competitive with the fist two in the 1km only 4 seconds apart while only 2 seconds separated the two top Under 17s. Click here to see photos from the race

Club Championship race: Men 
1st: Ian Statter 98:39;2nd: Peter Hannell 99:01; 3rd: Shaun Lightman 100:40 

Club Championship race: Ladies 
1st: Kathy Crilley 122:31; 2nd: Pam Ficken 124:18 

Peter Hannell 76.01 

Open 10 miles 
1. P.Ryan 89.24; 2. C.Lawton 96.40 3. R Penfold 96.50 

1. G.Thomas (Ton) 10 min 8 sec; 2. A.Statter (SWC) 10 min 12 sec

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