Gazette Cup 4 Miles, 6th Oct 07
Surrey Walking Club’s first home race of the racewalking year was the 4 miles held on their comparatively quiet side-road course near the well-known Gravel Hill roundabout. As often happens at this time of year it was a warm sunny day with conditions more like we expected but didn’t get a month or two ago. In his first race for several weeks Mark Easton showed he has successfully matched his training intensity to staying uninjured and left the field behind to exceed his previous form by a about a minute. This dashed fast improving Stephen Crane’s hopes of keeping Mark in his sights but he finished second after a competitive race with the third man and with a time up to his recent good standard. Shaun, like Mark, also came back from a break with a good return on recent training to win the handicap. First lady was young Louise Bradley from Tonbridge while Surrey’s women saw a clear victory by Kathy Crilley who just broke 11 minute mile pace. The race had 11 Surrey competitors plus an equal number of visitors. In addition 5 younger walkers took part over shorter distances giving an excellent total turnout of almost 30. The Club’s next home promotion is on 3rd November over 7 miles.

Results (Club Handicap in brackets):
1. M.Easton (SWC) 30 min 51 sec; 2(2). S.Crane (SWC) 34 min 18 sec; 3. T.Bosworth (Ton) 35 min 2 sec; 4. J.Hobbs (Ashford) 35 min 6 sec; 5. C.Hobbs (Medway) 35 min 11 sec; 6. L.Baldwin (Ton) 36 min 26 sec; 7. D.Sharpe (Ilf) 37 min 8 sec; 8. I.Statter (SWC) 37 min 21 sec; 9(1). S.Lightman (SWC) 38 min 21 sec; 10(3) M.Harran (SWC) 38 min 43 sec; 12. P.Hannell (SWC) 38 min 51 sec; 12. P.King (Belgrave/SWC) 39 min 40 sec; 13. J.May (Ilf) 40 min 33 sec; 14. D.Stevens (Stey) 41 min 42 sec; 15 E.Symonds (Ton F) 42 min 30 sec; 16. T.Sliwerski (SWC) 43 min 8 sec; 17. L.Bradley (Ton F) 43 min 48 sec; 18. B.Hercock (Enf) 44 min 0sec; 19. D.Hoben (SWC) 44 min 23 sec; 20 K.Crilley (SWC) (F) 47 min 54 sec; 21. D.Ainsworth (Ilf) 50 min 36 sec; 22. P.Ficken (SWC)(F) 51 min 18 sec.

3km U15: S.Porter (Ton F) 21 min 16 sec.
3km U13: C.Cotterill (Ton) 23 min 41 sec.
2km U13: 1. J.Bear (Ton F) 14 min 30 sec; 2. B.Parsons (Medway) 13 min 32 sec.
1.5km U13: J.Brown (Haydenrock school) 14 min 20 sec.

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