Bexley League 5km 8th Dec 07
Neither the wet windy weather, which caused the cancellation of many football matches, or the attractions of Christmas shopping deterred the couple of dozen race walkers attracted to the second Cambridge Harriers Winter League race staged at their Bexley clubhouse. Surrey Walking Club had 6 out of whom the four first claim were fortunate to get the second team placing. The field was rewarded with a slight easing of the rain and enjoyed quite good conditions for what was only a three mile sprint. Stephen Crane, back from holiday, was the only member of the family this time but was first home for SWC in fourth a little slower than hoped as he resumes full training. Once again Shaun Lightman showed the effects of injury but used this race to gently come back and we hope will soon be beating the next three other club-mates who were just ahead of him this time.

4. S.Crane 27 min 12 sec; 8. P.King 29 min 24 sec; 10. C.Flint 29 min 55 sec; 11. P.Hannell 30 min 23 sec; 15. S.Lightman 32 min 53 sec; 19. D.Hoben 36 min 5 sec.

Team: 2nd Surrey Walking Club.

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