Birchfield 20km & Bexley League 5km 18th Oct 08
Surrey Walking Club appeared in two events this Saturday although not as well represented at the more local event. The Birchfield 20km is a well known fixture on the national fixture list and Surrey had a full team out for this hilly course where the temperature was ideal but the breeze made things more difficult. First man, home just out of the top three, was Stephen Crane who probably went off a little too fast for the conditions and slowed slightly in the final quarter to finish a minute or so over expectation. He reverse was true of Shaun Lightman who started more slowly in the light of conditions but found his pick up later insufficient finish higher than 9th despite catching one or two old adversaries. Daughter Sarah opted for the shorter 10km distance and held David Hoben for most of her race finishing no more off her best than is explained by the hill and wind while David continued at his usual pace for the second half of this race. 
The two Peters Crane and Hannell carried the Surrey name at Bexley and both finished in reasonable times in warm and sunny conditions. Click here to see photos from the race

Birchfield 20km:
1.T.Jones (Hill) 106 min 57 sec; 2. S.Arnold (Nuneaton) 112 min 22 sec; 3. A.Thompson (Herts P) 115 min 27 sec; 4. S.Crane 117 min 37 sec; 9. S.Lightman 129 min 29 sec; 12. D.Hoben 147 min 52 sec.

Women 10km:
1. Lisa Kehler (Wolves) 51 min 8 sec; 2. Sarah Lightman (Lei/SWC) 71 min 51 sec.

Bexley League 5km:
1.T.Bosworth (Ton) 23 min 42 sec; 2. L.Baldwin (Ton) 25 min 15 sec; 3.J.Hobbs(Med) 25 min 27 sec; 7. P.King (Bels/SWC) 29 min 50 sec; 8. P.Hannell (SWC) 30 min 9 sec; 10. P.Crane (SWC) 31 min 36 sec.

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