Bill Collins 3km Memorial Walk; 1st Jul 08
This annual fixture commemorates Bill Collins; a coach at Tonbridge AC; who always had a keen interest in promoting Race Walking in his club and more generally in Kent. His work is continuing successfully by others as evidenced by the number and achievements of the Tonbridge youngsters present on this pleasant evening at Tonbridge School. The School’s new; excellent facilities were available to the participants although; as is traditional; the race is held on a tarmac path in the beautiful grounds of the School but is still part of one of the Club’s regular track open meetings. All of the Surrey members managed a better time than the previous week at Norman Park with Peter Crane getting close to Harran and Hannell until the last couple of the six laps when the battle ahead became too fast. A team event was scored with Surrey just losing to Tonbridge’s youngsters. They also were able to field a B team and team of four in the Under 15 2km event. Very pleasant surroundings; weather and company made this an event we shall certainly come back to next year.

1. T. Bosworth (TAC) U 20 14:04; 5. M. Harran (SWC) 17:15; 6. P. Hannell (SWC) 17:19; D. Hoben (SWC) 19:57

Teams: 1st TAC; 2nd SWC; 3rd TAC ‘B’.

2K Race 1. G. Thomas (TAC) U-13 13:08; 2. Julia Beer (TAC) U-15 13:35 3. Emma Brown (TAC) U-17 14:15; 4. J. Brown (TAC) Under 13 15:03

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