Bexley League 5km 1st Mar 08
The final event of the 2007/08 Cambridge Harriers series was held once again on a cool but sunny afternoon when the wind, strong for most of the day, temporarily abated. The field was slightly down but it was good to see that most of the younger contenders in league turned out for this the last race and presentations. Although several Surrey Walking Club members were absent they still had seven out, including the second claims, although one was removed under the strict judging scheme applied by this race organizer. Lyn Atterbury was a welcome, if unexpected, team member visiting from his ex-pat home in Poland where he is able to keep up his enthusiastic racing and training program. His fitness told in the second half as he came through the field to finish clearly inside the 30 minute barrier and leaving Paul King and Peter Hannell in his wake. Click here to see photos from the race

1. A.Wright (Bels) 23 min 3 sec; 2. N.Silvester (AFD) 23 min 5 sec; 3. J.Bosworth (Ton) 25 min 30 sec; 6. S.Crane 26 min 41 sec; 11. L.Atterbury 29 min 25 sec; 12. P.King 29 min 46 sec; 14. P.Hannell 30 min 9 sec; 15. C.Flint 30 min 32 sec; 19. P.Crane 32 min 16 sec.

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