Enfield League, Moulton 5 miles 8th Jun 08
Moulton in Suffolk, annually hosts a unique combined event aimed at healthy participation of the community whether they wish to run, jog, ramble, walk or race walk. The racewalking section has, with the assistance of a local ex-international, become a showcase for this branch of athletics and attracted a considerable field of over 50 from Suffolk, Essex and further afield despite many of the country’s top walkers being involved in a European race in Leamington Spa. Surrey Walking Club members numbered 7 of this total and included Olympic Silver medalist, Paul Nihil. This was his last event after 60 years racing. Such was the strength of our team that it won 2nd team position headed by Stephen Crane in 4th. A little slower but not too far down the field Mick Harran achieved a personal best for the distance just outside of 48 minutes. Paul fought the effects on his legs of his long, hard training in his younger days and finished 8 minutes later. Stephen had, earlier in the week, warmed up with a sub 15 minute 3km at Woodford.

1. N.Silvester (AFD) 39.16; 2. P.Barnard (Castle Point) 39.43; 3. T.Jones (Hillingdon AC) 40.54; 4. S. Crane (SWC) 41.16; 21. M.Harran (SWC) 48.05; 25. I.Statter (SWC) 50.17; 31 P.Crane (SWC) 52.55; 37. D.Hoben (SWC) 55.06; 38. P.Nihill (SWC) 56.16

Team results
1st Ilford AC; 2nd SWC 

1 A.Belchambers (Hillingdon AC) 49.14; 2. F.Bishop (AFD) 50.45; 3. C.Duhig (Ryston) 51.14; 19. Pam Ficken (SWC) 68.22

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