Enfield 7 miles, Lea Valley 8th Nov 08
After last weeks 7 miles at home in Selsdon almost exactly the same group travelled across the river to Lea Valley for a very different 7. This week it was mild and sunny, not cold, wet and windy, which may have contributed to the universal improvement in times. In addition the field was nearly five times bigger with about 70 out including all events – something of a return towards the numbers recorded some years ago. 
Surrey Walking Club’s times were not all down by the same amount with Shaun Lightman’s three minute improvement much the greatest and this meant a finish well ahead of the rest of SWC apart from Stephen Crane. The latter, who himself improved by nearly two minutes, may have previously been higher up the Enfield fields but he was only a few seconds outside of seven miles an hour and has an excellent excuse with reduced training – a new addition to the family. This well attended race provided a most satisfactory team performance even though a top three placing eluded them.

1. D.Stone (Steyn) 51 min 22 sec; 11. S.Crane 60 min 17 sec; 19. S.Lightman 65 min 50 sec; 23. M.Harran 66 min 47 sec; 26. P.King 67 min 12 sec; 32. C.Flint 70 min 11 sec; 34. P.Crane 74 min 5 sec; 39. D.Hoben 76 min 41 sec; 44. J.Fitzgerald 106 min 46 sec.

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