Captain Barclay Bicentenary Walks 11th - 12th July 09
Following the much publicised and successful attempt by Richard Dunwoody to emulate Captain Barclays 1000 miles in 1000 hours challenge, Newmarket racecourse was saw the bicentenary celebrations extended to a number of other race walking events. These events covered a complete range of distances and involved a good number of the race walking fraternity including many Surrey Walking Club members. The major race was the 100 miles race, which included the National Long Distance Championship, and the first two home were SWC’s Browns with Sandra first woman and first home in a sub 20 hour clocking and age group best followed by husband, Richard, 15 minutes later. These performances were made all the more remarkable by the 7 hours of heavy rain during the night section of the 24 hours from 3pm Saturday to Sunday which caused a number of the starters to retire. The course was far from easy with a long slope and many corners on each 2 mile lap however this downside was compensated by the scenic and peaceful racecourse environment.

A 50 kilometre event was also started with the 100 miles and the competitors faced light showers and wind but avoided the worst of the rain. Among these SWC’s Sarah Lightman, Kathy Crilley and David Hoben with Sarah completing her first race at this distance half an hour ahead of David but both in 3rd position.

Sunday morning showed a great improvement with only a slight breeze and sunshine as Sandra and the rest of the100 mile field completed from 11am onwards and two considerably shorter events took place – an international veterans 3 miles and a senior 5 miles with some doing both including some who had completed 50 km the previous evening. Although the course was not ideal for speed Mick Harran was well up the 3 mile field hotly pursued by Ian Statter with the other two SWC men not far behind. The last event , the 5 miles, took place from 2 to 3pm which was the last hour of the 100 miles and saw Mick Harran and Peter Crane out again as well as David Hoben from the 50km.

Altogether the Barclay Walks provided a most enjoyable celebration of race walking topped of course by Sandra’s excellent win. Click here to see photos from the 100 miles and here for photos from the supporting races

100 miles Women:

1. Sandra Brown (SWC 1st UK) 19 hrs 57 min 24 sec; 2. Marlene Radder-Williams (Holland) 21 hrs 14 min 15 sec; 3. Marie-Paul Vandenabeele (Holland) 22 hrs 25 min 6 sec.

100 miles Men:

1. R. Brown (SWC 1st UK) 20 hrs 12 min 44 sec; 2. G. Heunks (Holland) 20 hrs 49 min 27 sec; 3. M. Wall (Leic 2nd UK) 21 hrs 8 min 39 sec; 15. C. Flint (Lon V/SWC 5th UK) 23 hrs 14 min 5 sec.

50 km Women:

1. Diana Braverman (Enfld) 6 hrs 35 min 31 sec; 2. Pat Evans (Lancs) 6 hrs 36 min 39 sec; 3. Sarah Lightman (Leic/SWC) 6 hrs 48 min 38 sec; 4. Kathy Crilley (SWC) 7hrs 10 min 54 sec.

50 km Men:

1. M. Graham (Bels) 6 hrs 44 min 34 sec; 2. R. Gunnett (Lancs) 7 hrs 2 min 32 sec; 3. D. Hoben (SWC) 7 hrs 14 min 28 sec.

5 Miles Women:

1. Helen Middleton (Enfld) 48 min 1 sec; 2. Rebecca Collins (Medway) 50 min 48 sec; 3. Fiona Bishop (AFD) 54 min 5 sec; 9. Vicky Brown (SWC) 62 min 7 sec.

5 Miles Men:

1. T.Jones (Steyn) 42 min 49 sec; 2. P. Ryan (Ilf) 44 min 0 sec; 3. A. Ellam (Enfd) 46 min 14 sec; 12. M. Harran (SWC) 52 min 19 sec; 14. P. Crane (SWC) 53 min 17 sec; 20. D. Hoben (SWC) 60 min 48 sec.

3 Miles Men:

1. T. Jones (Stey) 24 min 50 sec; 2. J. Hall (Bels) 25 min 24 sec; 3. A. Thomson (Enfld) 27 min 8 sec; 8. M. Harran (SWC) 29 min 15 sec; 9. I. Statter (SWC) 29 min 18 sec; 12. P. Hannell (SWC) 29 min 38 sec; 13. P. Crane (SWC) 31 min 49 sec.


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