Surrey Walking Club Christmas Cup, Selsdon 12th Dec 09
Surrey Walking Club was pleased to welcome over 30 members and visiting athletes to their Monks Hill Sports Centre headquarters together with almost as many parents and others. This somewhat festive and light-hearted event was no less serious when it came to the race itself, where a break in the intermittent rain provided good conditions. Once again Stephen Crane was at the front - by one and a half minutes in this case - although it was not a personal best on this quite difficult course. The following field was much more tightly packed and competition from the many visitors gave the Club members, competing for their own handicap Christmas Cup, competitive incentive to push on. Stephenís fast effort gave him joint victory in the handicap with former high standard walker, Dave Delaney who has recently come back to the sport. Daveís returning form was marked by his handicap joint win and we expect further improvement. Once again the Club was pleased to see, flying in from his home in from Poland, Lyn Atterbury in form to come 3rd in the Cup scores. He caught Hannell on the last half of the last lap but a battle over the last 100 metres saw Lynís effort just run out, finishing only a few metres behind. 

Results (Handicap position in brackets):
1. S.Crane (Sy WC =1st) 24 min 32 sec; 2. S.Uttley (Ilf M50) 26 min 33 min; 3. S.Allen (Barn M50) 26 min 56 sec; 4. C.Lawton (Belg M60) 28 min 35 sec; 5. R.Penfold (Steyn M65) 29 min 44 sec; 6. I.Stattter (Sy WC M50 4th) 29 min 48 sec; 7. P.Hannell (Sy WC M65) 29 min 53 sec; 8. L.Atterbury (Sy WC M60 3rd) 29 min 57 sec; 9. D.Sharpe (Ilf M55) 30 min 4 sec; 10. S.Pender (E&H M55) 30 min 14 sec; 11. P.King (Belg/Sy WC M55) 30 min 31 sec; 12. B.Parsons (Boys U17) 31 min 40 sec; 13. G.MacDonald (Sy WC M50) 32 min 8 sec; 14. P.Crane (Sy WC M60) 32 min 16 sec; 15. D.Delaney (Sy WC M65 =1st) 33 min 7 sec; 17. G.Thomas (Ton Boys U13) 33 min 14 sec; 17. D.Stevens (Steyn M70) 33 min 49 sec; 18. N.Simmons (Sy WC M65) 34 min 55 sec; 19. D.Hoben (Sy WC) 35 min 15 sec; 20. D.Ainsworth (Ilf M60) 42 min 29 sec; 21. K.Livermore (E&H M75) 42 51.

1. Kelsey Howard (Ton Girls U17) 26 min 5 sec; 2. Kate Funnell (Ashf Girls U17) 26 min 59 sec; 3. Helen Middleton (E&H W45) 28 min 22 sec; 4. Steph Rukin (Ton Girls U17) 32 min 12 sec; 5. Catherine Coterill (Ton Girls U17) 34 min 37 sec; 6. Jill Oppenshaw (Sy WC W40) 34 min 38 sec; 7. Pam Ficken (Sy WC W65) 42 min 10 sec.

Boys Under 13 2.5 km:
1. G.Thomas (Ton); 2. A.Statter (Sy WC)

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