Cambridge Harrier League 5 Km, Bexley 14th Feb 09
Surrey Walking Club had four out for the penultimate race and it was the youngest, Andrew Statter, who turned in the best performance with a significant personal best in the ideal conditions on a cool but sunny afternoon. This is not an easy course with a long, tiring hill and the less fit team members tend to turn in comparatively slower times. In the senior event this was particularly noticeable and the first half dozen were all young people – a very welcome addition to the race walking scene. A total turnout of nearly 30 was not at all bad and showed the success of putting on this league over the shorter distance of 5km rather than the previous 10km. The shorter distance also favoured Hannell who held off Chris Flint and Peter Crane on this occasion but next week’s National 10 miles may show a completely different picture.
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Seniors - 5km:
1. A.Wright (Bels) 22 min 15 sec; 2. T.Bosworth (Ton) 22 min 23 sec; 3. J.Hobbs (Med) 26 Min 19 sec; 14. P.Hannell (SWC) 30 min 6 sec; 15. C.Flint (LVids/SWC) 30 Min 53 sec; 16. P.Crane (SWC) 31 Min 20 sec; 18. D.Hoben (SWC) 35 Min 56 sec.

Boys(U13) - 2.5 km
1. G.Thomas (Ton) 14 min 41 sec; 2. A.Statter (SWC) 16 min 16 sec

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