Enfield 7m Lee Valley, 14th Nov 09
Although the recent and subsequent torrential rain did not wet this prestigious race the accompanying wind was still around and made the going very difficult in places. This did not prevent a fast time for the winner from Steyning or another good result from Surrey Walking Club’s Shaun Lightman in 10th position in a field of around 60. Another SWC walker putting in a great effort to achieve a personal best was Gary Macdonald who has& recently been out of action here but has been competing in the somewhat different conditions on the roads of Athens. Gary finished between Chris Flint, whose time in last week’s home race was slower than Gary’s this time, and Peter Crane who managed an almost identical time to last week. The Lee Valley Course was probably flatter and easier than last week at Selsdon but this was more or less compensated by the wind this time. Steyning’s 3 in the first 10 was clearly a great team effort but Surrey turnout and speed was also very satisfactory even with their top two missing. Click here to see photos from the race

1. D.Stone (Steyn) 52 min 51 sec; 2 P.Barnard (Ilf) 56 min 25 sec; 3. J Ball (Steyn) 57 
min 23 sec; 10. S.Lightman (SWC) 65 min 29sec; 20 P.King (Belg/SWC) 68 min 21 sec; 27. C.Flint (L Vids/SWC) 70 min 45 sec; 29. G.MacDonald (SWC) 72 min 15 min; 32. P.Crane (SWC) 73 min 33 sec; 46. D.Hoben (SWC) 78 min 33 sec. 

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