Business Houses League, Willesden 17th Jun 09
During a quiet week in the Race Walking Clalendar a team of 3 Surrey Walking Club members guested in their 3km event in the London Business Houses track meeting at Willesden which is open to teams from companies based in London as well as Civil Service departments, the Post Office etc. Although the walk was not as well supported as years ago SWC competitors enjoyed a competitive race on a warm mid-summer evening. The best SWC performance came from David Hoben in a sub 20 minute personal best. In front of him, after a fast start Hannell had to give way to Mick Harran’s much more even pace just after half-way. A further lap saw Harran open a gap which increased to 40 metres by the end both recrding times rather slower than recently.

1. J.Hall (MAFF/Bels) 15 min 30.5 sec; 4. M.Harran (SWC) 17 min 46.5 sec; 5. P.Hannell (SWC) 18 min 0.8 sec; 8. D.Hoben (SWC) 19 min 58.1 sec.

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