London Open 10 Km, Victoria Park 1st Feb 09
Despite a stiff, cold breeze Surrey Walking Club put in a good effort in the London Open 10km held at Victoria Park Hackney. Despite facing into the north wind on the last third of each lap Stephen Crane returned a time much faster than recently and about his best since his return to racing. As usual difficult conditions have less effect on the fittest racers and a competitive fields with about 70 out in total ended with fast times at the front and 7 under the 50 minute mark. Stephen just made the first 10 while Mick Harran battled hard for a good time in the wind to finish half a minute ahead of Surrey’s two second claim members, Flint and King, who ended only 4 seconds apart. In the Under 13 boys Andrew Statter battled on for a sub 17 minute result just bettering his pre-Christmas time and 2nd place.
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Mens - 10km

1. Dan King (Col) 43 min 36 sec; 2. Dom King (Col) 43 min 59 sec; 3. B.Boyce (Cov) 44 Min 32 sec; 10. S.Crane 52 min 6 sec; 22. M.Harran 62 min 52 sec; 25. C.Flint (LVids/SWC) 63 Min 27 sec; 26. P.King(Bels/SWC) 63 Min 31 sec; 33. D.Hoben 75 Min 18 sec.

Teams: 1.Colchester Harriers, 2. Belgrave Harriers, 3.Ilford AC,… 7. Surrey Walking Club.

Boys Under 13 - 2.5 km

1. G.Thomas(Ton) 15 min 7 sec; 2. A.Statter 16 min 54 sec.

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