National 10 miles, Lea Valley Stadium 21st Feb 09
A field of 50 faced the starter for the second staging of this major event at Lea Valley Stadium on a relatively warm afternoon. Surrey Walking Club had a good showing in spite of several missing through injury. Stephen Crane and Shaun Lightman were their first home both having worked hard to beat those close to them and ending with good times. A cautious start from Shaun was rewarded by his overtaking a considerable number of those tiring ahead of him. Further down the field there were less competitors from more distant clubs and SWC packed well with Mick Harran and Chris Flint fighting it out until the end the former finishing a mere 8 seconds ahead. In a top class race the judging was necessarily strict but, although the two early leaders were pulled out, our team walked carefully and all finished. Click here to see photos from the race

1. B.Wears (Redcar) 70 min 22 sec; 2. L.Finch (Colch) 71 min 34 sec; 3. M.Doyle (Bedfd Univ) 75 Min 5 sec; 12. S.Crane (SWC 2nd Essex) 87 min 13 sec; 23. S.Lightman (SWC 2nd Middlesex) 98 min 14 sec; 29. M.Harran (SWC) 100 min 54 sec; 30. C.Flint (LVids/SWC) 101 Min 2 sec; 31. P.King (Bels/SWC) 102 min 53 sec;32. P.Crane (SWC) 105 min 24 sec; 42. D.Hoben (SWC) 122 Min 57 sec.

Teams: 6. SWC.

Sarah Lightman (Leic/SWC) 113 min 49 sec.

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