Belgrave 7m, Wimbledon 28th Nov 09
The last, but probably most historic 7 miles of the Autumn was held by Belgrave Harriers up in Wimbledon village although the size of field at 30 was only a tenth of what it was 30 years ago when the top clubs in England would travel to the western edge of London. There were still competitors from a range of about 60 miles who were not put off by the very steep hills as heavy traffic has forced the organisers onto a circuit curving sharply down towards the All England Tennis Courts and back up. The effect on most times is a depression of at least a minute and this affected the very fast winner, Darrell Stone from Steyning, as well as Surrey Walking Club’s first home, Shaun Lightman. After starting fairly quickly he began to get caught just before halfway by those behind however rather than succumb to the pressure he sped up pulled clear again, disappearing from view of Harran and Hannell and those in between. With 7 out, Surrey had more than enough for a B team as well as the A team who were in 5th position lacking their two fastest walkers. Apart from Shaun’s excellent effort probably David Hoben in 28th place had the best performance with a time hardly any slower than that posted on recent, much flatter, courses – at least one person seemed to enjoy the hills! Click here to see photos from the race
Meanwhile SWC’s other Lightman, daughter Sarah, continues to record personal bests with 31 min 57 for 5km in the Midlands Winter League in wet and windy conditions at Tamworth last week and again by almost two minutes to 76 min 38 sec for 7 miles this week. This was the last of the three league races and she finished 2nd overall in the handicap series.

1. D.Stone (Steyn 1st M40) 51 min 12 sec; 2 T.Jones (Steyn 1st M50) 59 min 12 sec; 3.I.Richards (Steyn 1st M60) 59 min 47 sec; 9. S.Lightman (SWC 1st M65) 66 min 34 sec; 13 P.King (Belg/SWC) 68 min 32 sec; 15. M.Harran (SWC 2nd M70) 69 min 45 sec; 16. P.Hannell (SWC 3rd M65) 69 min 57 sec; 22. P.Crane (SWC) 74 min 13 sec; 24. G.MacDonald (SWC) 75 min 48 min; 25. D.Delaney (SWC) 76 min 0 sec; 28. D.Hoben (SWC) 78 min 37 sec.

Team: 5. SWC

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