Surrey Walking Club Christmas Cup 5km, Selsdon  11th Dec 10
With a weeks break caused by the cancellation of the Bexley League race due to the snow 25 starters took a chance on the thaw to come over to Selsdon for what is intended to be a light hearted race for the festive season. In fact the snow had almost gone on the road although the pavement was still treacherous and one or two on the start line raced when their state of fitness might have made spectating preferable if it were not so dangerous. First home for Surrey Walking Club and second in the members’ handicap Cup race was Lyn Atterbury having travelled from Poland – no snow there! – just for the weekend and mainly for this race. For some reason, maybe the recent cold weather, although it was not too bad on race day, or the associated lack of training, times were generally down and even Lyn professed himself disappointed with his time just inside the half hour. In common with Lyn, Paul King, Ian Statter, Peter Crane and Peter Hannell all felt they had worked very hard for a relatively slow outcome especially as they all had the competition as none were isolated. On the other hand Ian’s son Andrew in the Under 15 group had an excellent race to deservedly win the handicap as he almost held onto David Hoben who also made good time. The number of Club members at eleven was very satisfactory even though Nolan Simmons and Shaun Lightman were below par. The members were joined by even more visitors to enjoy the usual tea and refreshments supplemented by the Christmas cake and mince pies appropriate to the occasion. Click here to see photos from the race

Results (SWC handicap in brackets):
1. S.Allen (Barn M50) 26 min 28 sec; 2. K.Howard (Ton U20W) 27 min 17 sec; 3. K.Funnell (Ashf U17G) 28 min 13 sec; 4. H.Middleton (E&H W45) 29 min 25 sec; 5(2). L.Atterbury (Sy WC M60) 29 min 56 sec; 6. S.Pender (E&H M55) 30 min 4 sec; 7. P.Hannell (Sy WC M65) 30 21 sec; 8. D.Sharpe (Ilf M55) 30 min 27 sec; 9. P.King (Belg/Sy WC M55) 30 min 32 sec; 10. A.Alstraken (E&H W40) 30 min 52 sec; 11. G.Thomas (Ton U15B) 31 min 11 sec; 12. I.Statter (Sy WC M50) 31 min 14 sec; 13. R.Penfold (Steyn M65) 31 min 42 sec; 14. S.Rukin (Ton U20W) 32 min 19 sec; 15. P.Crane (Sy WC M65) 32 min 28 sec; 16. D.Hoben (Sy WC M55) 33 min 36 sec; 17(1). A.Statter (Sy WC U15B) 33 min 45 sec; 18. D.Stevens (Steyn M70) 33 min 47 sec; 19. D.Delaney (Sy WC M65) 33 min 56 sec; 20. N.Simmons (Sy WC M65) 35 min 27 sec; 21. P.Goodwin (Ilf M55) 35 min 33 sec; 22. S.Lightman (Sy WC M65) 35 min 48 sec; 23. B.Hercock (E&H M70) 37 min 24 sec; 24. L.Man-Rey (E&H W) 38 min 25 sec; 25(3). K.Burnett (Sy WC M70) 38 min 38 sec.

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