Cambridge Harriers League 5km, Bexley 13th Feb 10
It was a busy weekend with races both days and some doing both. Out in the cold, slightly windy, fresh Saturday air the competitors soon warmed up with a short, fast 5km. Another good performance from Shaun Lightman gave him a best for 5 years after managing to beat the much younger lady, who had beaten him the previous week, with a fast start and a fading last lap but still clear at the welcome finish. Paul King successfully broke the half-hour after a long battle with two other competitors both of whom he beat. Fellow second claim member Chris Flint also enjoyed a competitive race with a fast outcome exactly a minute behind Paul. Only an isolated David Hoben was disappointed with his time after adopting a very conservative style. All Surrey members survived the strict judging in force for this league. Click here to see photos from the race

1. P.Barnard (Enf) 24 min 13 sec; 2. J.Hobbs (Ash) 24 min 57 sec; 3. S.Uttley (Ilf) 25 min 48 sec; 4. S.Lightman (Sy WC) 27 min 06 sec; 9. P.King (Bels/Sy WC) 29 min 52 sec; 13. C.Flint (L Vids/Sy WC) 30 min 32 sec; 15. D.Hoben (Sy WC) 35 min 36 sec. 

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