Surrey Walking Club Open 5km Track Race, Norman Park 10th Aug 11
Surrey Walking Club’s only annual promotion is an Open 5km at Norman Park Track. This year the field of 12 was about the average with 5 being very welcome teenagers from the Tonbridge and the Bexley Club. It was the Tonbridge group who provided the best performances with an excellent 26 min 13 sec from Under 17 Ben Parsons and a personal best from Under 17 Catherine Cotterill. Four of the six Surrey faces formed a group of potentially similar racers and although all were ultimately roughly a minute apart at the end provided quite a race over the first few laps. Shaun Lightman continued his return to form in asserting his superiority from a slowish start to pull away from the others by almost a minute.

Main 5km:
1. B.Parsons (Ton U17B) 26 min 13.1 sec; 2. S.Lightman (Sy WC M65) 29 min 1.6 sec; 3. M.Harran (Sy WC M70) 29 min 58.2 sec; 4. P.Hannell (Sy WC M65) 30 min 19.8 sec; 5. C.Flint (Sy WC M65) 30 min 55.2 sec; 6. C.Cotterill (Ton U17G) 31 min 21 sec; 7. D.Hoben (Sy WC M55) 34 min 20 sec; 8. G.Legon (Bexley W50) 36 min 1 sec; 9. K.Burnett (Sy WC M70) 37 min 56.5 sec.

Junior 3km:
1. E.Symons (Ton U20W) 17 min 17 sec; 2. L.Legon (Bexley U15B) 21 min 0.2 sec; 3. G.Parsons (Ton U15G) 21 min 41.7 sec.

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