Johnson Bowl 4 miles, Hayes, Kent  11th May 11
A reasonable field of competitors and supporters appeared for Blackheath and Bromley ACís Road Walk Championship for the Johnson Bowl and match against SWC, an event now about 130 years old. The President of BBHAC, Denis Lawrie, attended and was easily persuaded to take part although the race is not easy as its short 4 miles contains some steep hills. The winner and previous holder Roger Michell dully retained the Cup although he was pressed most of the way by young visitor, Ben Parsons, from Tonbridge. Due to the fact that several of the Surrey members are now also members of Blackheath and Bromley, the match between the clubs is now no contest with SWC only members losing 11 points to 3 with the lower scores winning.

1. R.Michell (B & B/Sy WC M60) 35 min 31 sec; 2. B.Parsons (Ton U17B) 35 min 46 sec; 3. M.Harran (Sy WC M70) 39 min 10 sec; 4. P.Hannell (B & B/Sy WC M65) 39 min 11 sec; 5. D.Delaney (Sy WC M65) 41 min 32 sec; 6. D.Hoben (B & B/Sy WC M55) 44 min 51 sec; 7. D.Lawrie ((B & B M60) 50 min 29 sec; 8. B.Imber (Sy WC M60) 50 min 41 sec.

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