Leicester 15 miles, 12th Mar 11
Competing in Leicester Iain Thomson chose a hard 15 miles as part of his training towards the Surrey Walking Club 100 mile event in July. Two of the eight starters including Shaun’s daughter Sarah retired for various reasons no doubt including the long hills as the course moves from the centre of the city to the much higher surrounding country with wonderful views and long straights. The leader, local man, Chris Benn led from start to finish and was visible on the return leg as all of those ahead of Iain were as they accelerated down to the city again. At five and a quarter miles an hour over the difficult terrain it was an encouraging performance and completed by the warm welcome by the locals during very welcome tea.

1.C.Benn ( Leic M60) 2 hr 31 min 0 sec; 2. M.Wall (Leic M50) 2 hr 37 min 3 sec; 3. C.Vesty (Leic M45) 2 hr 39 min 43 sec; 5. I.Thomson (Sy WC M60) 2 hr 51 min 39 sec.

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