Enfield League 10/5 km, Hillingdon 18th Sep 11
The end of the summer period has seen a flurry of events and the SWC team was out again over 10km for an Enfield League race much further west in Hillingdon. This time Mick was less than half a minute behind Shaun and a minute faster than in the National. Behind them the two Davids were again near each other a little further down the field and also faster than in Hackney with Hoben getting inside 71 minutes and not too far from his best times. The Club’s was particularly pleased to see recently their own Past President of the National Association, Pam Ficken, out in the 5km race where she was not far from 4.5 mph speed walking with a small group of similarly paced competitors.

10 km
1. F.Reis (Ilf M50) 49 min 36 sec; 2. S.Uttley (Ilf M50) 53 min 38 sec; 3. S.Allen (Barn M55) 55 min 43 sec; 9. S.Lightman (Sy WC M65) 1 hr 0 min 52 sec; 10. M.Harran (Sy WC M70) 1 hr 1 min 15 sec; 20. D.Delaney (Sy WC M65) 1 hr 7 min 48 sec; 23. D.Hoben (Sy WC M55) 1hr 10 min 59 sec.
5 km
1. S.Allen (Ilf M50) 34 min 11 sec; 2. P.Howard (E&H M65) 35 min 27 sec; 3. S.Halsall (M80) 36 min 59 sec; 4. P.Ficken (Sy WC W70) 42 min 8 sec.

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