Enfield League 10 miles, Lee Valley Stadium  19th Feb 11
A busy weekend saw several more Surrey Walking Club out with 6 moving up to the first 10 miles of the winter on a cool damp Saturday at Lee Valley. The total field was an excellent 50 men and women. The Club had two excellent results with a personal best over the distance from Mick Harran after a long tussle with Shaun Lightman with Harran up exactly 1 minute at the end. Just ahead and breaking 100 minutes was Chris Flint – not bad for a 100 mile specialist. Paul King and Peter Crane also had competitive races with plenty of other around them it being a feature of the race that the large numbers were at the slower end of the field. This reflects fulfillment of the organizer’s wishes to bring in more new walkers into the sport. This race also incorporated the Surrey Walking Club Championship, their own event being cancelled due to fixture congestion. As first first-claim athlete Mick Harran won the Milan Trophy while Peter Crane’s time was a considerable improvement on recent form to win the Handicap and the Wilfred Webb Cup. 
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Results (handicap in brackets):
1. Dom King (Col H) 1 hr 11 min 25 sec; 2. Dan King (Col H) 1 hr 12 min 19 sec; 3. F.Reis (Ilf M50) 1 hr 22 min 59 sec; 16(3). C.Flint (Lon V/Sy WC M65) 1 hr 39 min 40 sec; 19(4). M.Harran (Sy WC M70) 1 hr 40 min 45 sec; 20(4th Middlsx)(5th Hcp). S.Lightman (Sy WC M65) 1 hr 41 min 45 sec; 23(6). P.King (Belg/Sy WC M60) 1 hr 44 min 12 sec; 27(1). P.Crane (Sy WC M65) 1 hr 46 min 12 sec; 34(2). D.Hoben (Sy WC M55) 1 hr 52 min 45 sec.

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