National 20km, Redbridge Cycle Track  1st May 11
The National 20km was held at Redbridge Cycle Track – a new venue where the course occupied only the fairly flat bottom section. An expected turnout of 6 Surrey Walking Club was eventually reduced to a bare minimum team of three who came away with National bronze medals after a brave race by all as they battled to all finish in a harshly judged race on a hot afternoon. The overall turnout of about 60 for all of the races was quite satisfactory but SWC were all towards the rear of the field which contained at the front most of the best walkers in the country. Best performance was undoubtedly Mick Harran’s who, having started feeling it was not his race, in fact pushed on strongly without fading and obtained his 2 hours 10 minute target.

1. T.Bosworth (Ton U23M) 1 hr 30 min 13 sec; 2. Dom King (Col H) 1 hr 35 min 28 sec; 3. P.Evenett (Redc M40) 1 hr 38 min 27 sec; 26. M.Harran (Sy WC M70) 2 hr 10 min 49 sec; 29. G.Macdonald (Sy WC M50) 2 hr 15 min 42 sec; 31. S.Crane (Sy WC) 2 hr 27 min 3 sec.

Teams: 1. Ilford 274 pts; 2. Enfield 257 pts; 3. Surrey Walking Club 247 pts.

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