National 20km Championships, Redbridge Cycle Track 14th Apr 12
Saturday was a good day for Surrey Walking Club Ė they had a full team with backup for the National 20km Championships, the whole contingent completed with no non-finishers, they came away with bronze team medals whilst Sandra Brown won an individual bronze with a British W60 record and to complete the day the club was presented with the Race Walking Associationís annual trophy for the most improved Club for 2011. In addition to the main 3 to score team they also won the Nijmegen Shield for the first team of four. Sandraís W60 record of 1-59-37 in fact was subsequently revealed to not be a new record as one of her own superior previous performances (1-55-34), thought not to have been recognised, has in fact been ratified. There is certainly now no doubt that Sandra holds the W60 20km record. The race itself was held over 20 single kilo laps in temperate but slightly windy conditions with what is now the usual entry across the 6 races held including 2, 3, 5 and 10 km events for the younger age groups. At the front two of the country's fastest young men, Ben Wears and Tom Bosworth fought it out to finish inside 90 minutes and only 20 seconds apart. It was no surprise that Sandra finished some 10 minutes ahead of the Clubís first man, Mick Harran, as she broke the 2 hour barrier and found 12.5 miles a trifle compared with her more usual 100 miles. Mick had a very even paced race as he sensibly retained his effort right through the race and was able to keep away from a chasing Shaun Lightman on the last lap. Shaun, who had been suffering a slight injury coming into the race, started at the back of the field but speeded up during the third quarter to pass the rest of the menís team apart from Harran. Click here for photos

1. B.Wears (Redc U23M) 1 hr 29 min 33 sec; 2. T.Bosworth (Ton U23M) 1 hr 29 min 52 sec; 3. S.Kollmorgen (Belg M40) 1 hr 39 min 54 sec; 16. M.Harran (Sy WC M70) 2 hr 10 min 10 sec; 17. S.Lightman (Sy WC M65) 2 hr 10 min 44 sec; 19. P.King (Belg/Sy WC M60) 2 hr 11 min 23 sec; 20. P.Hannell (Sy WC M65) 2 hr 14 min 6 sec; 21. C.Flint (Sy WC M65) 2 hr 15 min 21 sec; 22. G.Macdonald (Sy WC M50) 2 hr 26 min 40 sec. 

1. N.Aidietyte (Ilf W) 1 hr 38 min 21 sec; 2. R.Collins (M&M U23W) 1 hr 57 min 34 sec; 3. S.Brown (Sy WC W60) 1 hr 59 min 37 sec.

Men Teams: 1.Ilford 264 pts, 2. Belgrave 260 pts, 3. Surrey WC 247pts.

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