Vets AC 5 miles, Battersea Park   17th Apr 12
The new season of monthly 5 milers at Battersea began with a rather poor field perhaps due to expected rain – which came but went 5 minutes before the start. Surrey Walking Club were well represented with 5 out of the 8 starters although some were feeling the effects of the previous weekend’s National 20 km. Only the winner from Ilford was not affected having missed the 20km and Peter Hannell who seemed to find a relatively good 20km an inspiration this time. Of the rest only David Hoben, who also missed the 20km was up to his usual standard probably encouraged by being nearer than usual to those struggling in front. 

1. P.Ryan (Ilf M55) 43 min 36 sec; 2. S.Allen (Barn M55) 46 min 20 sec; 3. P.Hannell (Sy WC M65) 49 min 45 sec; 4. P.King (Belg/Sy WC M60) 50 min 39 sec; 5. C.Flint (Sy WC M65) 52 min 46 sec; 6. M.Harran (Sy WC M70) 57 min 28 sec; 7. D.Hoben (Sy WC M55) 57 min 34 sec. 

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