Veterans AC 5 mile Championships, Battersea Park 19th Jun 12
As normal, the June version of VACís 5 mile monthly series in Battersea Park formed their Age-group Championship event although, unusually, it did not attract a bigger field. Surrey Walking Club supplied nearly half of the start line 12 but was missing several of its usual competitors. The weather was a typically pleasant Summer evening in the park although not too hot as Ian Richards immediately stormed off into the lead and was almost mid-field in the concurrent running event. Although the main running field pulled away from him, he was soon lost to the sight of the rest of the walkers to complete a 10 minute margin of victory. The remainder of the field were little down as this course is not easy as the individuals become widely separated. This was not the case for the first two Surrey WC men as Chris Flint sought to repeat his recent victories over Peter Hannell. Despite closing all the way and finishing only 14 seconds outside of the 50 minute mark Chris could not quite catch Peter who was just inside but both were satisfied with their efforts as 1st and 2nd M65s. Although unsurprisingly in last place, 81 year old John May was also in close competition with Enfieldís Bernie Hercock and so registered a good time for first M80. Among the age-groups Dave Hoben was also a winner of the M55 group. 

1. I.Richards (Steyn 1st M60) 35 min 57 sec; 2. S.Allen (Ilf 1st M50) 46 min 10 sec; 3. A.Thomson (E&H 1st M75) 46 min 22 sec; 4. P.Hannell (Sy WC 1st M65) 49 min 52 sec; 5. C.Flint (Sy WC 2nd M65) 50 min 14 sec; 6. P.King (Belg/Sy WC 2nd M60) 50 min 59 sec; 8. D.Hoben (Sy WC 1st M55) 59 min 10 sec; 10. J.May (Sy WC 1st M80) 1 hr 6 min 35 sec.
1. H.Middleton (E&H 1st W45) 47 min 14 sec; 2. M.Noel (Belg 2nd W45) 50 min 38 sec.

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