Roubaix 28 hours Individual and Relay Races 14th - 15th Sep 13
SWC’s long distance walkers were in France for the Roubaix 28 hours and once again it was Sandra Brown’s silver medal in the ladies event as she completed over 200km (127 miles) in 12th overall in field of 60. Chris Flint was pleased to comfortably exceed 100 miles while Kathy Crilley, along with two other British women, was 5th in the relay event with the Lightening Ladies completing 117 miles. It was good to see former London Vidarian, Bob Watts, completing 94 miles after a long break.

1. D.Osipov (Russia) 231.861 km; 2. E.Roze (Amiens) 228.832 km; 3. D.Bunel (Neuilly sur Marne) 226.384 km; 24. C.Flint (Sy WC M65) 164.942 km; 31. R.Watts (ex-LVids) 150.646 km.
1. I.Poutinseva (Russia) 210.158 km; 2. S.Brown (Sy WC W60) 200.429 km; 3. M.Labylle (Guatemala) 200.147 km.

Roubaix 28 hours 3 Athlete Relay Race
1. Les Trois Polonais (Poland/France) 228.831 km; 2. The 3 Amigos (GBR) 194.549 km; 3. Les Bonbons a la Creme (France) 192.189 km; 5. The Lightening Ladies (GBR incl. K.Crilley Sy WC) 187.976 km.

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