Southern Counties Veterans League T&F Final, 3km Walk, Ashford 1st Sep 13
One of the main Veteran events of the year is the final of the Southern Counties VAC league and this event covers all of the usual athletics events including a 2km walk. Many of the contestants normally represent a specialist Race Walking Club but for this event are permitted to represent their first claim Track & Field Club. For this reason Surrey Walking Club’s Shaun Lightman and Roger Michell represented Blackheath and Bromley Harriers Athletic Club. The overall event consists of two age groups – Over 35s and Over 50s so Shaun and Roger were competing against considerably younger men but still scored useful points for Blackheath with Shaun 2nd in the older group while M65 Roger managed fourth in the M35s of the 8 team competition. The race was held as one event and not unusually the BBHAC/SWC pair were not far apart in consecutive overall places with an in-form Shaun coming in less than 10 seconds ahead and not far outside of 11 minutes. Conditions were ideal with a slight breeze, a reasonable temperature and no rain.

M35 race
1. G.Chapman (Oxf M55) 10 min 27.2 sec; 2. W.Pauzers (Hern H M55) 10 min 37.9 sec; 3. G.Smith (E&H M55) 11 min 0 sec; 4. R.Michell (BBHAC/Sy WC M65) 11 min 20 sec.

M50 race
1. J.Ralph (E&H M55) 10 min 45 sec; 2. S.Lightman (BBHAC/Sy WC M70) 11 min 11.8 sec; 3. S.Whelan (Oxf M50) 11 min 41.9 sec.

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