National 50km, Coventry and Midland 30km incl. BMAF, Coventry 27th Jul 13
The main event of the weekend was the National 50km which incorporated the Veterans 30km and attracted an entry of 33 walkers. Although the majority of the competitors were there for the shorter distance 14 intended going on for the 50km. The hot conditions meant only seven in fact completed within the 6hr 15m time limit of whom three were SWC members. The event saw the Club’s long distance couple, Sandra and Richard Brown, well to the fore. Sandra was second overall and first woman by half an hour and inside five and a half hours and breaking her own World and UK W60 record by 18 minutes. Richard was second UK man and fourth overall. The first home was former Spanish international, Julio Inglesias, who was a very welcome guest finishing just outside five hours. Apart from Sandra, Paul King, SWC’s first claim Belgrave member, had the best race following recent strong finishes over shorter distances including the previous Tuesday at Battersea.
Sandra’s victory in the 50km did not impinge on her performance as she passed the 30km point where she was third overall and easily first woman. The conditions also meant a significant drop-out before the shorter distance although the only SWC competitor not going for the 50km, Chris Flint, not far behind Paul King and gaining 2nd in the largest age group. Click here for photos from the race

1. J.Inglesias (Spain M50) 5 hr 5 min 58 sec; 2. A.Edwards (Lancs M50) 5 hr 40 min 16 sec; 3. R.Brown (Sy WC M65) 5 hr 55 min 18 sec; 5. P.King (Belg/Sy WC M60) 6 hr 8 min 59 sec.
1. S.Brown (Sy WC W60) 5 hr 29 min 4 sec; 2. M.Noel (Belg W45) 5 hr 59 min 44 sec.

Midland 30km incl. British Masters AF, Coventry
1. J.Inglesias (Spain M50 gst.) 2 hr 52 min 50 sec; 2. A.Edwards (Lancs 1st M50) 3 hr 8 min 35 sec; 3. C.Berwick (Leic WC M65 not BMAF) 3 hr 12 min 8 sec; 6. R.Brown (Sy WC 1st M65) 3 hr 28 min 48 sec; 9. P.King (Belg/Sy 1st M60) 3 hr 32 min 29 sec; 11. C.Flint (Sy WC 2nd M65) 3 hr 36 min 30 sec.
1. S.Brown (Sy WC 1st W60) 3 hr 12 min 7 sec; 2. M.Noel (Belg 1st W45) 3 hr 26 min 7 sec.

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