Veterans Inter-Area Indoor Match 2km, Lee Valley 7th Apr 13
SWC had two competitors in the inaugural Inter Area Masters Indoor match at Lee Valley. The Southern Area Vets Club put out two of the best veterans walking at the moment, both fresh from the European Masters Indoor event. On the other hand Veterans AC put out two Surrey Walking Club members Shaun Lightman and Peter Hannell - both competing against much younger men from the other areas. At the gun both SWC men had Eastern Vets competitors in their respective groups who, with great, if unrestrained enthusiasm, shot ahead of them but in both cases the Surrey men managed to claw back their second places behind the SCVAC stars. They thus both achieved satisfactory personal times and made a good contribution to the Vets AC team score who finished 3rd of the six teams. Shaun Lightman was not quite at his fastest, being isolated after the initial battle, but still beat Peter Hannell comfortably although the gap was slightly less than recently.

Men 35-49 Race
1. F.Reis (SCVAC/Ilf M50) 9 min 19.5 sec; 2. P.Hannell (VAC/Sy WC M70) 11 min 47.4 sec; 3. K.Richards (MMAC/Cov M65) 11 min 48.1 sec.
Men 50-59 Race
1. S.Allen (SCVAC/Barn M55) 10 min 22.7 sec; 2. S.Lightman (VAC/Sy WC M65) 11 min 22.2 sec; 3. K.Richards (MMAC/Cov M65) 11 min 48.1 sec.

Men's Match: 1. SCVAC 240 pts; 2. EVAC 197; 3. VAC (inc. both SWC) 150; 4 MMAC 95; 5. SWVAC 39; 6. NIMAA 37. 

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