8 County Match 3km Walk, Mile End Stadium 13th Jul 14
A relatively quiet week did include one race of some significance with two Surrey Walking Club members appearing in Southern Inter-Counties Track and Field race at the Mile End Stadium. In theory the event featured the four best athletes in each county over the whole range of events including the walk and should have meant a very large high standard race. The reality was slightly lower although both the womenís and menís races were won by international walkers and the field of 20 included several of the top juniors. Surrey County were unable to field a Menís team due to management problems although they did have Womenís team and the two SWC men in the walk formed the whole of the Countyís male representation. The weather weather varied between heavy showers and very hot sunshine and the latter greeted the 3km walk so times were generally down especially as the judging was of the strict variety in line with the standard of the meeting. Mick Harran got the better of Peter Hannell again as he caught and passed his clubmate mid-race to finish 50 metres ahead in a slightly better time than recently. In terms of the menís match few points were contributed to the Surrey total but they did form 100% of this total. Hopefully, in future years, the County will be able to properly take part in this friendly event and their younger walkers will add somewhat more glory!

1.D.King (Col H/Essex) 12 min 28.96 sec; 2. F.Reis (Ilf M50/Herts) 14 min 0.94 sec; 3. L.Legon (Camb H U17B/Kent) 14 min 34.59 sec; 8. M.Harran (Sy WC M75/Surrey) 18 min 28.04 sec; 10. P.Hannell (Sy WC M70/Surrey) 18 min 46.07 sec.
1. G.Narviliene (Belg W40/Middlesex) 14 min 30.97 sec; 2. H.Butcher (Camb H U17G/Kent) 15 min 59.33 sec; 3. S.Lewis-Ward (Camb H U17G/Kent) 16 min 26.11 sec.

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