Leicester WC Open 15 miles 15th Feb 14
The more adventurous David Hoben travelled up to Leicester for their famous 15 mile race although a poor field of 4 on this occasion may mark its last race. Sarah Lightman, daughter of Surrey Walking Club's Olympian Shaun Lightman, walked a convincing win, a personal best and a fast time with her coach, former international Chris Berwick, also another notch in her training build up towards this year’s National 100 miles at Southend. All the walkers in this small event had experienced a wind assisted race in the first half of this out and back hilly course along Leicestershire's quiet country roads and suffered strong headwinds and rain on the return leg, although not the same extremes as recently in southern Britain. SWC's entrant David Hoben also had a pb but had an unexpected delay of a few minutes as a tree with storm damage was about to topple on to the course and the road was temporarily closed. The previous week Sarah had been second in the Midland women’s 5km (31 min 7 sec) having recently also won the Women’s section of her club’s 10 miles (106 min). Her last 7 races have seen personal bests on every occasion! David was also rewarded with a good time in spite of the awful weather.

1. S.Lightman (Leic WC W40) 2 hr 49 min 0 sec; 1. C.Berwick (Leic WC M65) 2 hr 49 min 0 sec; 3. S.Pender (E&H M60) 3 hr 4 min 0 sec; 4. D.Hoben (Sy WC M60) 3 hr 9 min 0 sec.

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