Southern Area T&F Championships, Crystal Palace 16th Aug 14
During this busy period the most significant race was a return to Crystal Palace for the Southern Area Track & Field Championships where the 5km walk was included in the Under 15 and 17 age groups meeting. The field for the walk was naturally somewhat older than this although the winner, Callum Wilkinson, is Under 20 and lapped the whole field in an excellent personal best. The event was successful in having 12 out including most of the best performers in the area despite a discouraging start as the gates to the venue were still shut 10 minutes before the time limit for registration and the facilities are, sadly, now rather run down. Surrey Walking Club had five starters although disqualification for Peter Hannell meant only four completions. The best outcome was Sandra Brown’s British W65 record and a European record was shown to be within reach on another occasion as her time here was down on potential having raced 100 miles only two weeks ago. Sandra Campbell had not raced 5km before but was quite pleased with her time while Shaun Lightman was handicapped by slight injury and was outside of a target 30 minute performance.

1. C.Wilkinson (E&H U20M) 21 min 38.62 sec; 2. I.Richards (Steyn M65) 24 min 43.69 sec; 3. S.Allen (Barn M55) 28 min 15.62 sec; 4. A.Thomson (E&H M75) 29 min 5.79 sec; 5. S.Lightman (Sy WC M70) 30 min 42.55 sec; 6.D.Bowker (Fairl M55) 31 min 9.94 sec; 7. J.Borgars (Loughton M65) 33 min 17.9 sec.
1. P.Cummings (AFD W35) 28 min 31.89 sec; 2. S.Brown (Sy WC W65 Br Rec) 29 min 6.66 sec; 3. A.Martin (Sy WC W45) 33 min 15.79 sec; 4. S.Campbell (Sy WC W45) 36 min 54.4 sec.

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