Surrey Vets, Sussex Vets and Vets AC, Championships, Ewell 1st Jun 14
There was a fairly good turnout in the Surrey County Veteranís Championship on a very pleasant Sunday at Ewell Court. The event was expanded to include not only the Sussex Championship as in 2013, but also the Veteranís AC Championship. The clash with Moulton the previous day thus did not crush numbers at this event and in fact 4 walkers did both. At the front Gary Witton from Steyning lapped all but 3 of the rest to break 14 minutes and help set a good pace for 65 year old Ian Richards of Steyning 13 seconds behind in a time which clearly beat the world age best although lack of sufficient top level officials will deny verification. There were 4 Surrey Walking Club in the menís event with 3 first County age group medals and David Hoben having the best performance near his best for the distance. Not put off by naturally lagging the field 83 year-old John May came home in a satisfactory time though short of training.

1. G.Witton (Worth 1st Sx/VAC M40) 13 min 59.6 sec; 2. I.Richards (Steyn 1st Sx/VAC M65) 14 min 12.7 sec; 3. T.Jones (Steyn 1st Sx/VACM55) 15 min 33 sec; 4. P.Hannell (Sy WC 1st Sy/VAC M70) 18 min 27.2 sec; 5. D.Hoben (Sy WC Sy/VAC M60) 20 min 30.2 sec; 7. K.Burnett (Sy WC 2nd Sy/VAC M70) 22 min 54.7 sec; 8. J.May (Sy WC 1st Sy/VAC M80) 25 min 6.6 sec.
1. P.Cummings (AFD 1st Sy/VAC W35) 16 min 44.7 sec; 2. A.Jones (Steyn 1st Sx/VAC W55) 18 min 29 sec; 3. F.Bishop (AFD 1st Sy/VAC W55) 19 min 18 sec.

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