Home Countries Inter-Area Match 2km, Solihull 20th Jul 14
Although 3 Surrey Walking Club members were selected for the Inter-Area match only Shaun Lightman was in a position to travel northwards the day after last week’s very hot National 10km. A very competitive and high standard race was probably not the event Shaun most wanted but in fact he had a hard race against a slightly younger Midlander, Peter Bosco, in the same match age-group. The weather was still hot but the distance shorter so the times were not too bad but Shaun finished just a couple of metres behind after a tight battle.

1. C.Turner (Nun M70) 9 min 47 sec; 2. C.Hobbs (Ashf M55) 10 min 2.24 sec; 3. ?; 4. P.Bozko (Bir M65) 11 min 44.05 sec; 5. S.Lightman (Sy WC M70) 11 min 44.86 sec.

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