European Veterans Championships, Izmir, Turkey 25th - 28th Aug 14
Over 500 British veterans went to Turkey for the 2014 European Master’s Championships including 7 walkers 4 of whom were in the M65 age group specially mustered for the 20km team competition which they duly won. European Champion for both the 5km and 20km was Ian Richards from Steyning who achieved a World Age-group record for the shorter distance with 24 minutes 44 seconds. Surrey Walking Club’s Roger Michell could not match his colleague in time, but in position he was close with Silver and Bronze medals respectively in fields of about 15. Although he found the 20km hard going and his time not quite what he might have hoped for, the shorter race saw him not far from his recent best for the distance and relatively a lot better than his recent other distances.

1. I.Richards (Steyn M65) 24 mins 44.06 sec (WR); 3. R.Michell (Sy WC M65) 28 min 13.7 sec.
1. I.Richards (Steyn M65) 1 hr 55 mins 36 sec (WR); 2. R.Michell (Sy WC M65) 2 hrs 14 min 2 sec.

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