Wadlincourt 24hours, Belgium 23rd - 24th Aug 14
Last weekend saw Surrey Walking Club’s leading Ultra distance stars, Sandra Brown and Kathy Crilley, racing for 24 hours in Wadelincourt, Belgium. Unsurprisingly Sandra was well up in the overall race (5th) and over 4 miles ahead of the second woman while Kathy was 4th woman with over 82 miles. Sandra’s 118 miles broke the W65 racewalking record and also, amazingly, exceeds the same age-group record for running. These achievements came in spite of an enforced break of some minutes due to thunder and torrential rain during the night. The results were rewarded by significant prizes – in weight that is - as they came in the form of Belgium’s own specialty of beer burdening the two obviously very tired ladies’ homeward journey still further.

1 R.Bonnotte (France M) 211.782 km; 2. E.Roze (France M) 210.242km; 3. D.Lhoest (Belgium M) 204.207km; 6.(1st W) S.Brown (Sy WC, England W65) 189.949 km; 7.(2nd W) C.Fauqueur (France W) 183.203 km; 15.(3rd W) K.Crilley (Sy WC, England W65) 132.558 km.

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