Veterans’ Inter-Area Match 2km Walk, Lee Valley Stadium 23rd Feb 14
Sunday saw a keenly contested Inter-Area match indoors at Lee Valley with 4 SWC representing their area clubs – Shaun Lightman, Sandra Campbell and Peter Hannell walking for Vets AC and Angela Martin for Southern Vets. Angela’s time was by far the best performance at new distance and difficult indoor track worth among her best. Shaun, easily SWC’s fastest, also was ahead of equivalent recent times for other events and although faced with much younger competition scored well for Vets AC whose team 3rd place was most satisfactory.

1. F.Reis (Ilf M50 [1st M35 race]) 9 min 6.2 sec; 2. S.Allen (Barn M55 [1st M50 race])) 10 min 24.52 sec; 3. P.Bozko (Bir M60 [2nd M35 race])) 10 min 59.43 sec; 5. S.Lightman (Sy WC M70 [3rd M35 race])) 11 min 34.55 sec; 7. P.Hannell (Sy WC M70 [4th M35 race])) 12 min 12.55 sec.;
1. 1. A.Wheeler (Leic WC W55 [1st W50 race])) 11 min 19.23 sec; 2. H.Middleton (E&H W50 [1st W35 race])) 12 min 8.07 sec; 3. C.Duhig (Ryst W55 [2nd W35 race])) 12 min 18.2 sec; 4. A.Martin (Sy WC W45 [2nd W35 race])) 12 min 20.37 sec; 6. S.Campbell (Sy WC W45 [4th W35 race])) 14 min 36.39 sec.

Match Result:
Combined Men & Women – 1st Eastern Vets 512 pts; 2nd Southern Vets 511 pts; 3rd Vets AC 399 pts; 4th Midland Vets 316 pts; 5th Northern Vets 278 pts; 6th Wales 237 pts; 7th Northern Ireland 69 pts; 8th South West Vets 66 pts.

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