BMC 1km Walk, Sutcliffe Park Eltham 23th Jul 14
A 1km walk was included in a high class British Milers Club meeting in Eltham. The target field was the younger age groups and it was good to see almost a dozen of such justifiably pushing the two Surrey Walking Club veterans to the rear of the field. The male and female winners who occupied the first two places were not too far from four minutes. Shaun set off quickly so leaving Peter Hannell well adrift after the first lap but 5 minutes pace was out of reach but breaking five and a half was not a bad result.

1. C.Corbishley (M&M U20M) 4 min 7.37 sec; 2. E.Dooley (Leeds C U20W) 4 min 7.4 sec; 3. L.Legon (Camb H U17B) 4 min 16.02 sec; 9. S.Lightman (Sy WC M70) 5 min 27.67 sec; 10. P.Hannell (Sy WC M70) 6 min 7.38 sec.

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