Veterans League 2km, Bexley 28th Apr 14
Four Surrey Walking Club members took part in this event as members of their first claim track club. Malcolm and Angela Martin represented Paddock Wood with Angela guesting and Shaun Lightman and Peter Hannell representing Blackheath and Bromley. All were competing in younger age groups than their birth certificates show especially with M70 Shaun in the M35 race and coming fourth overall in a field of about 30. The most surprising thing was that, although many were the normal novices to racewalking and just out to score points, the standard was high and with age on their side and a little training many were quite near the more ‘professional’ walkers. Angela turned in her fastest time for this distance while Malcolm, new to this event, judged the pace well not attempting to go with the very fast winner yet keeping well clear of the rest. Shaun, walking cautiously due to injury, was not far from his usual speed.

1. C.Hobbs (Ashf M55) 9 min 49.3 sec; 2. M.Martin (Paddock Wood/Sy WC M55) 10 min 26.6 sec; 4. S.Lightman (B&B/Sy WC M70) 11 min 34.6 sec; 7. P.Hannell (B&B Sy WC M70) 12 min 7 sec; 11. A.Martin (Paddock Wood/Sy WC W45) 12 min 24.2 sec.
Scoring positions: M.Martin Div 2 - 1st M35; S.Lightman Div 1 – 3rd M35; 7. P.Hannell 2nd M50; 11. A.Martin - Guest.

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