Moulton 5 miles 31st May 14
The weather was overcast with a light breeze. 54 tacked the course which was the usual uphill outward bound and obviously downhill on the return. Surrey Walking Club had six in the field which was won by Dominic King of Colchester of Colchester who led from the beginning to finish in 36m 01s. Not too far down the field was SWC’s Malcolm Martin who had a race long battle with Steve Allen (Barnet and District) with Steve just edging ahead to gain 7 secs from Malcolm by the tape but Malcolm not far from his best for the distance. Dan Maskell once again held faster walkers for as long as possible and although not able to stay with them at the end he finished in only just outside his 5 miles best. Shaun Lightman started tentatively behind Dave Hoben but came through overtaking several in the latter stages to finish inside 50m 30s. Mick Harran finished in 25th place having a steady race throughout in 52m 09s. Angela Martin had a race long battle with Elizabeth Blakie of Ryston to overhauled Elizabeth in the return half to finish 5th woman just outside 54m minutes. With many ex-internationals watching and the organiser, Ron Wallwork, and his wife Joan, celebrating their Golden wedding it was a particularly memorable event. Click here for photographs from the race

1. Dom King (Col H) 36 min 1 sec; 2. C.Wilkinson (E&H U20M) 38 min 11 sec; 3. F.Reis (Ilf M50) 40 min 3 sec; 9. M.Martin (Sy WC M55) 44 min 27 sec; 15. D.Maskell (Sy WC M65) 49 min 12 sec; 17. S.Lightman (Sy WC M70) 50 min 22 sec; 20. M.Harran (Sy WC M75) 52 min 9 sec; 22. D.Hoben (Sy WC M60) 55 min 31 sec.
1. H.Middleton (E&H W50) 50 min 47 sec; 2. C.Duhig (Ryst W55) 51 min 27 sec; 3. A.Jones (Steyn W55) 51 min 42 sec; 5. A.Martin (Sy WC W45) 54 min 8 sec.

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